Thursday, September 08, 2005

12 Days of Opt Out
September 12-24, 2005

Check out this blogsite as it changes each day during Sept. 12-24 to educate and highlight the various ways schools are militarized.

On the first day of opt out a recruiter said to me.....

1. Opting Out -
Protect student privacy-
get off miltary recruiter telemarketer lists

2. ASVAB tests-
If you aren't signing up, why take this?
A test to decide what assignment the military should give you
disguised as an academic test.

3. Limiting recruiter access on campus-

Until we can get them out of our schools, we can at least limit where and when recruiters prey on students.

4. Pentagon database-student privacy protection
It's illegal for the government to compile a database on citizens- so why is the Pentagon getting away with compiling a student database?

5. Reality of funds for college
Recruiters salespitches promise a lot- but do they deliver?
Includes information on other ways to get money for college
and job training resources.

What are the effects of these programs on schools and college campuses? How to block new programs or end existing
JROTC and ROTC programs.

7. DEP- Delayed Entry Program
If you already signed up for the DEP- you can get out - here's how.

8. No guarantees in the military enlistment agreement
Read the fine print- you could be kept in for longer than you thought- ...Is this legal? Signing bonuses, other promises in military enlistment agreement- Information from the Department of Defense and Veteran's Administration on the realities of enlistment

9. Conscientious Objection- If you don't think you can kill someone or participate in war- you may be a conscientious objector or "CO". Find out how to begin your documentation now in case there is a draft in the future

10.Poverty Draft-Who signs up?
Poor people with no other options! Find out about career alternatives to military enlistment and how military jobs don't always translate to civilian jobs.

11. Veterans Issues-
The military may take care of their own- but they forget about the veterans... veteran hospital closures, medical care reductions, PTSD

12. Joining the Military can be hazardous to .....
Mental and Physical Health Risks from exposure to depleted uranuim weapons, toxic materials, dangerous vaccines

And on the 12th day of Opt Out... I joined with others across the world to demand an end to war

Join UFPJ in Washington, DC or
Get out in the streets of your town on Sept. 24
and make your voice heard-
End the war in Iraq,
Take care of folks in our communities,
Get recruiters out of our schools, and
Bring the troops home NOW!


At 7:42 AM, Anonymous Mike said...

I fight to keep people like you free. We stand upon a wall and say, "Nothing's going to hurt you tonight, not on my watch."

We live in a world that has walls, and those walls have to be guarded by men with guns. Whose gonna do it? You?

I have neither the time nor the inclination to explain myself to a person who rises and sleeps under the blanket of the very freedom that I provide, and then questions the manner in which I provide it.

I feel that your time could be better spentsupporting our troops rather than trying to "save others from military recruiters". I joined to serve, I serve to preserve every word you have written here, no matter the extent to which I disagree with it.



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