Monday, September 19, 2005

Enlistment agreements and recruiter promises

On the the eighth day of Opt Out a recruiter said to me...
"If you don't want to go to Iraq, just let your commanding office know, and you won't have to go."

From Liz Rivera Goldstein, Teen Peace Project-
My sister called me a year ago in August, as I was preparing to say good-bye to my college-bound daughter. My sister was also about to say good-bye to her son, who had enlisted in the Army. She told me how great the recruiter was who had signed up my nephew. "The Army is going to invest so much time and money into making you a soldier- and I can see you are great military material. There's no way they are going to waste their investment and ship you off to Iraq." The recruiter guaranteed my nephew he would be stationed in Europe. My nephew has been in Germany since then, but he just got word he will be headed to Iraq in a few months.

There are no guarantees in the military enlistment agreement.
If you read the fine print- you could be kept in for longer than you thought-

From The Military Enlistment/Re-enlistment "Contract" (DD Form 4/1)
(NOTE: The sections below are on the BACK of the enlistment agreement):

9. FOR ALL ENLISTEES OR REENLISTEES: Many laws, regulations, and military customs will govern my conduct and require me to do things a civilian does not have to do. The following statements are not promises or guarantees of any kind. They explain some of the present laws affecting the Armed Forces which I cannot change but which Congress can change at any time.
c. In the event of war, my enlistment in the Armed Forces continues until six (6) months after the war ends, unless my enlistment is ended sooner by the President of the United States.

Recruiters are sales people, and they have a quota to make every month. As the war continues to go badly, and counter recruiters keep the pressure on, enlistment goals are not being met. Last May, recruiters were ordered to "stand down" for one day- no recruiting as they went over ethical recruiting. I have listened to recruiters talk to my son and his friends. They seem to tell half the truth- I always want to finish their sentences with the realities of how little the benefits really are, or how few really get benefits, or how empty those promises are.

Meet Sgt. Abe, the Honest Recruiter.

Sgt. Abe guides you through the enlistment agreement of the U.S. Armed Forces – pointing out many snares along the way, which most recruiters don't talk about.

You can also download a high-resolution print file to copy and hand out. It's an important resource for anyone interested in military service, or anyone having second thoughts about the Delayed Enlistment Program. IT COULD SAVE A LIFE!
Read it here

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"The Art and Science of Recruiting," According to the Army, by Jorge Mariscal

"The reason to have a military is to be prepared to fight and win wars... it's not a jobs program."
-Former Secretary of Defense Cheney


At 2:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you! Thank you for being so informed. These horrible recruiters lie to every kid they talk to and tell them so many false stories that one can't even imagine! I know most of these recruiters don't even have families to love or their own goals and dreams. They are inhuman. They are poor and uneducated! I spoke to one the other day with his Masters Degree from Penn State University. Man, what a dirt bag! Telling these kids how the Army paid his way through school. He said that he was just glad that his mother let him make his own decisions! Please, give me a break. In my town we had 3 recently graduated young people that were killed from using Meth. To me, that's a better reason to die than serving your country! Oh, and the ones that died from alcohol poisoning in our little college during the first quarter. Hey, at least they weren't wearing a stupid uniform. And to beat it all, I had one tell me recently that he has done what so many others would not, either because they didn't have the guts or the heart to do it themselves, and that was to stand up for people like you! He told me that he is "An American Soldier." He told me that he was recently deployed to a state in our very own union where hundreds of thousands of people were stranded and sick with nowhere else to go. His unit was called in because the civilian authorities couldn't control the situation! How dare he say something like that! The nerve!
Well in any case, there are important things going on, parties to attend, girls to get pregnate, beer to drink and more frat parties to attend. Just glad to know that it isn't me that has to put on a uniform, risk my life and go where nobody else will go, all for my country? Please.

At 4:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ha. Too funny


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