Friday, September 23, 2005

On the 12th day of opt out- I said NO!

TODAY! Join UFPJ in Washington, DC or
Get out in the streets of your town on Sept. 24
and make your voice heard-
End the war in Iraq,
Take care of folks in our communities,
Get recruiters out of our schools, and
Bring the troops home NOW!

-Stop by the counter recruiting tent in DC this weekend, meet NNOMY members, and find out how you can join NNOMY in opposing militarization of youth!

On the 12th day of opt out a recruiter said to me...

When asked if he told his potential recruits about the harmful effects of depleted uranium-"That's your job-not mine."

Joining the Military can be hazardous to ..... Mental and Physical Health Risks from exposure to depleted uranuim weapons, toxic materials, dangerous vaccines

The Cost of War: Depleted Uranium

As we now deal with the reality of war in Iraq, depleted uranium (DU) is becoming a greater concern for many people, especially those with friends and family serving in Iraq. The U.S. government doesn’t often discuss DU, but when it does, it describes it is an “efficient” part of military arsenal and tries to reassure the public that DU poses little danger.
What are the facts?
-DU is a by-product of the processes used to convert natural uranium for use as nuclear fuel or weapons. DU has 60% the radioactivity of ordinary uranium and a half life in the billions of years.
-The U.S. military (and other armed forces, including the U.N.) has relied on DU as a means of penetrating the armor of enemy tanks. With the density 1.7 times that of lead, DU is used to coat the shell of bombs and bullets.
-Upon impact with a hard target, DU contaminates the local area with radioactive dust, which may be inhaled or ingested during and after the battle.
-DU has been used in Iraq, Bosnia, Kosovo, Afghanistan, and on target ranges in Vieques, Puerto Rico. During the first Gulf War, the military released over 300 tons of DU into the environment.
-Scientific research on DU largely has not explored its long-term consequences and is often distorted by the government. However, doctors report a large amount of anecdotal evidence that DU is associated with Gulf War Syndrome, kidney problems, childhood and adult cancers, neurological disorders, birth defects, and other health problems. Certainly it is worth noting that nearly half of the first Gulf War veterans are sick and over 10,000 have died.

What is certain is that U.S. soldiers as well as Iraqi citizens are currently being exposed to DU. The true health and environmental costs will only become clear in the months and years ahead.- from Western Mass. AFSC flyer on DU

-Exposure to DU may be higher than we are being led to believe

-Vanity Fair Article on "Gulf War Syndrome"This%20month'>">This%20month

Toxic Materials

"The U.S. Department of Defense is the largest polluter in the world, producing more hazardous waste than the five largest U.S. chemical companies combined. (1) The types of hazardous wastes used by the military include pesticides and defoliants like Agent Orange. It includes solvents, petroleum, perchlorate (a component of rocket fuel) lead and mercury. And most ominously, depleted uranium.

The health problems that have been documented as being attributable to these various toxins in military use include miscarriages, low birth weight, birth defects, kidney disease and cancer. Military pollution most directly affects those who are targeted by our weapons, soldiers and anyone living near a military base, both in the U.S. and abroad. In the U.S., one out of every ten Americans lives within ten miles of a military site that has been listed as a Superfund priority cleanup site. -Military Pollution, Common Dreams 3/27/05

Out of 700,000 U.S. soldiers who served in Gulf War I, 118,000 are suffering from chronic fatigue, headaches, muscle spasms, joint pains, anxiety, memory loss and balance problems. Gulf vets are twice as likely to develop Lou Gehrig?s Disease, and two to three times more likely to have children with birth defects.
War has always been a toxic business, but it is much more so today than it was 50 years ago. -American Soldiers Endangered By Their Own Instruments Of War


Soldier falls ill after taking vaccine shots

Father of dead soldier claims Army coverup

Soldiers Refuse the Anthrax Vaccine

Military Mute On Vaccine Danger?

Joining the military is also hazardous to...

Women-Sexual harassment and assault are a daily reality for the overwhelming majority of women in the armed forces. The VA's own figures show 90 percent of recent women veterans reporting harassment - a third of whom were raped. Despite the glossy brochures that advertise "opportunities for women," the military's inherent sexism is evident from sergeants shouting "girl!" at trainees who don't "measure up," to the intimidation of women who speak out about harassment and discrimination - not to mention military men's sexual abuse of civilian women in base communities.-


the poor, minorities, and the people living in the countries we "liberate", the environment......

Don't talk to a recruiter-- talk to a counter recruiter! Find a member group of NNNOMY- the National Network Opposing Militarization of Youth near you-


At 9:43 AM, Blogger Recruiter said...

You people are worse than what you say Recruiters are. You distort the truth and never back up anything you say with a source of any kind. I think that's why I'm still successful - kids see right through YOUR lies!


At 11:34 AM, Blogger soundn said...

No they don't. A perfect example is my friend's Myspace page,

The dude gets about 30 emails a day from high school kids and 80-100 page hits. The movement keeps growing and growing. Clearly people are hearing his opinions and learning from them, otherwise he wouldn't have as much success. Once kids find out about the truth, they don't go back...

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At 9:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

All of you who believe what Michael Moore believes in, are the worst people in the world... you are the problem, not the recruiters... Us veterans wouldn't want your pussy types fighting for our freedoms anyway. Keep sipping your lattes, and leave the fighting for the true americans... the ones who truely believe that this country is worth fighting for... Sgt of Marines


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